Some assessments in your online course might require the use of the Proctorio Learning Integrity Platform. Proctorio is a remote proctoring system that uses advanced machine learning and facial detection technology to ensure test integrity.

The program is optimized to protect your security and privacy while providing a proctored environment to replace classroom testing.

Canvas screen shot showing an assignment that is notated remotely proctored.
Assessments that require Proctorio are labeled in Canvas with (Remotely Proctored).

What are the requirements for Proctorio?

  • You cannot use a smartphone or a tablet to take tests with Proctorio.
  • You must use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer when taking any tests with Proctorio. Download Google Chrome here if you do not already have it installed.
  • You must install the Proctorio Extension from the Google Chrome web store before you take your first test:
    • Open Chrome.
    • Go to the Proctorio Extension page in the Chrome Web Store.
    • Click the Add to Chrome button, then Add Extension.
    • Wait for it to download and for a confirmation message that it has been installed.
  • You will also need a microphone, webcam, and a stable internet connection.

Important: Contact your instructor immediately if you do not meet the technical requirements (desktop or laptop with a webcam) or use a screen reader for accessibility.

Taking a test with Proctorio

Your environment on test day

  • You will need to be alone, in a quiet place where you can work uninterrupted. Proctorio’s algorithms will flag excessive noise, conversation, and the presence of others on camera as potential cheating.
  • The camera will need sufficient lighting to monitor your face. Position yourself so that the primary light source is in front of you, preferably illuminating your face. Avoid lights behind your head.
  • A strong internet connection is advisable. Avoid free wifi in public places for this reason. Likewise, you might want to ask roommates or family not to stream video or play games online while you are taking your test.
  • Make sure your laptop is plugged in.
  • Have all study materials put away.
  • Your instructor might require you to show your student ID to the camera at the beginning of the test, so have it handy.
  • Because of the use of the camera, you should be appropriately dressed.
  • You may be required by your instructor to show a panorama of your room, including your desktop. If you have a desktop computer with a built-in camera (such as an iMac), you can use a mirror to show your entire space.

Proctorio Chrome Extension

If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to install the Proctorio Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome web store.

Pre-test checks

  • Navigate to the quiz or test and click the Begin the Quiz button. You should see a Before you Begin message. Please be sure to read this. It will tell you which restrictions and requirements your instructor has enabled in Proctorio, as well as what information will be collected during the exam.
  • At the bottom of the Begin the Quiz page there may be a red Warning box with items that need to be done, such as closing other windows. You may do this one-item-at-a-time or you may click a link to take care of a given problem all at once. There may be some hardware issues that require you to take action, such as disconnecting additional monitors.
  • Once any issues are fixed, you can click the Start exam pre-checks button.
  • The pre-checks may take a moment or two. You may be instructed to allow access to your camera and microphone and share the screen.  If there are problems, Proctorio should automatically open a chat with their support. You can also start one by clicking on the Proctorio Extension icon in Chrome.
  • Once the pre-check is finished, follow the instructions that appear on the screen, then click Next.
  • Click Begin camera test. If it fails, try moving closer or farther from the screen or change lighting.
  • Depending on settings, you may be told that the Proctorio wishes to have you move your camera to scan the room. If it asks to scan, follow the instructions.
  • Read the Exam Agreement and click I accept, begin exam now.

Taking the test

  • Take the quiz or exam as you normally would and submit it.
  • After you submit, you will see a red bar at the top of the screen. Click the portion labeled Click here when done when you have finished reviewing your test results. 


  • Close all other applications on your computer (or even reboot it) to free up memory, processors, and bandwidth. This will allow for a smoother test experience. 
  • Avoid keyboard shortcuts or keyboard + mouse shortcuts to magnify the browser or an image. If your instructor has restricted you to viewing the test full screen, some of these shortcuts may cause you to be ejected from the test. If you need to increase the magnification use the icons in the floating Quiz Tools palette to the left of the test window.
  • If you are forced out of a test for any reason, immediately log back into Canvas, return to the test, and re-enter it as soon as possible. You will need to run through the Proctorio pre-checks and setup again, but, if the test timer has not expired, should be able to finish the test. In some cases, your instructor may have designated that you need to chat with a Proctorio representative first to explain why you were ejected. In some instances, instructors may have chosen to prohibit re-entry into the test. If that is the case, please contact your instructor as quickly as possible with details of what happened. 
  • If something goes wrong with Proctorio, click the Chat Icon in the floating Quiz Tools palette at the left of the test.


  • If you have problems during the exam, you can click on the Proctorio Chrome Extension icon in your browser to access step-by-step guides or start a Live Chat session with the Proctorio support team
  • If you are unable to complete the test for any reason, please email your instructor immediately.


  • When starting a test with Proctorio, you will be given the option to Enable high visibility mode near the bottom of the Before You Begin screen. There is also a link to Learn more about Proctorio’s approach to Accessibility, which provides information on screen readers, on high visibility mode, and a link to open a support ticket. 
  • Students who rely on keyboard navigation should contact their professor and their campus disability services for alternative means of completing the test. Some screen readers do not work with some settings in Proctorio.
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