Transferring media from a mobile device to a computer

Users cannot upload media from a mobile device from Kaltura into a Canvas site. The media will need to be transferred to a computer and then uploaded. One way to transfer the media from a mobile device to a computer is to move it to a cloud storage account and then download it to the computer.  Instructions for completing this step in various cloud storage accounts are below.

Once the video is on a computer, use these help articles to upload video to a Canvas Assignment or Discussion Board.

Recording from a webcam into a Canvas Discussion Board

Please use either Chrome or Firefox for webcam recording into a Discussion Board. Other browsers are not supported.

Recording Process

Chrome: Failure to allocate resources: Permission denied.  When using Chrome, if you receive this message, the below video will walk you through Chrome setting to enable the camera.  Also, follow the same procedure to change settings on the Microphone.