VitalSource is making a large collection of eTextbooks available at no cost for students at colleges and universities that are holding all classes remotely until May 25. If you need to locate a downloadable or online copy of a required or supplemental eTextbook for your class, or if you would like guidance on accessing the available resources, check out the VitalSource information and video tutorials

Please be aware that:

  • While this is a large collection, it may not include the specific book or edition you require.
  • These are ebooks only, no courseware (such as Pearson MyLabs or Macmillan Launchpad) is included. 
  • You will need to use your campus email address. If you already have a VitalSource account through Canvas, we recommend you type the email address exactly as you have it in Canvas. (That is to say, if you normally use an alias, but do not in Canvas, type it the way it appears in Canvas Settings, unless you have already changed it in VitalSource.) 
  • Be careful when making your selections. There is a limit of seven books per student for all classes, not just. yours. If you make a mistake when choosing a book, there is no way to undo it, and it will count against the limit. 
  • Off-line readers are available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC (Windows), and Chromebook. 

If you encounter problems, please contact VitalSource support

Online Teaching Certification

Faculty/instructors are invited to register for a seminar that is designed to help deliver quality learning experiences for their students. Multiple dates are available!

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Online Course Workshop

This is a 4-week, 100% online workshop for UM System faculty/instructors teaching online in Fall 2020. In this workshop, you will create an online course.

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