Website to be retired

The Keep Learning website will be retired on January 31, 2022. Please update all of your bookmarks and links to point to our new website,

To switch your Zoom account to UM System or UM System Protected, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to or (You might need to use another browser, or a private window).
  2. Click Login (see Fig. 1).
    Zoom web home screen
    Figure 1: login to UMsystem Zoom 
  3. Enter your username and password (see Fig. 2).
    Shibboleth zoom sign in screen
    Figure 2: login box
  4. Click Switch to the New Account (see Fig. 3).
    Zoom switch accounts screen
    Figure 3: switch to the new account
  5. Click I Acknowledge and Switch (see Fig. 4)
    zoom switch account acknowledge screen
    Figure 4: acknowledge and switch
  6. Zoom will send an email to your university email address. Check your inbox, open the email and click Switch to the new account (see Fig. 5). This will open a new browser window.
    Zoom switching to new account email
    Figure 5: switch to the new account
  7. Click I Acknowledge and Switch (see Fig. 6)
    Zoom final switch account acknowledge screen
    Figure 6: acknowledge and switch
  8. Click Sign in Now to your Zoom account on the link above (see Fig. 7).
    Zoom sign in screen with box saying the session has ended.
    Figure 7: sign in to your UMsystem Zoom account