There are many ways to submit course materials online. Confirm with your instructor what file types are allowed. 

  • Most often, you will be asked to submit PDF or Office files. Office 365 and GoogleDocs allow you to save your file as PDF files.
  • Your instructor may ask you to submit files to Turnitin as part of an assignment. Turnitin is designed to help you or your instructor identify possible plagiarism. In many cases, your instructor may use it to help you identify problems in drafts before submitting a final version.
  • You may also be asked to submit media files as part of an assignment. Pay close attention to the instructions you are given by your instructor about how and what to submit. There are different kinds of media files and three different ways of submitting them (using native Canvas tools, Kaltura, and Panopto).


  • Always save your documents before turning them in online. Consider downloading your files from any cloud services you use to your computer as a precaution.
  • For media files, please be aware that Canvas has a 500 MB file-size limit.
  • In some cases, you may be asked to submit multiple files as part of one assignment. Because of the way in which Canvas handles files uploaded at different times, you should submit all at the same time, otherwise, they will be counted as parts of different submissions and may cause issues with grading.
  • After submitting an assignment, always check to see that the submission was made correctly. For most Canvas assignments, you will be able to return to the assignment. Look at the Submission Details on the right and confirm that you see a checkmark and the message Submitted!
Online Teaching Certification

Faculty/instructors are invited to register for a seminar that is designed to help deliver quality learning experiences for their students. Multiple dates are available!

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Online Course Workshop

This is a 4-week, 100% online workshop for UM System faculty/instructors teaching online in Fall 2020. In this workshop, you will create an online course.

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