Canvas is the place where students can submit assignments, engage in course discussion, and take quizzes. Your instructor can create various types of assignments throughout to semester. In these assignments, you’ll be able to upload files from your computer or a cloud service when submitting your work. Sometimes your instructor might use the Turnitin platform to support academic honesty.


Many courses will have digital quizzes and exams delivered in Canvas. The course instructor can create quizzes with a variety of question types (i.e. multiple choice, true false, matching, essay). Canvas has created a video to guide students on how to use the quiz interface.


Your instructor might choose to use a proctoring service in conjunction with a Canvas quiz. These services help make sure students are completing the quiz with strong academic integrity.  Many courses are using Proctorio which may use facial recognition technology to compare the student with their ID, as well as record a student's webcam, screen, or other actions only during the exam session and to share that information with the instructor. The UM System has a policy statement to discuss how Proctorio is used across the university system.

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