Website to be retired

The Keep Learning website will be retired on January 31, 2022. Please update all of your bookmarks and links to point to our new website,

Resources for staff who support the campus when classes change to a remote environment. These resources are designed to help to equip staff with the tools and options available to them when working remotely.

Working remotely

Our hope is to continue our work in the least disruptive way possible. There are also resources available on the individual campuses, as well as system-wide resources to access, here.

Advising students in Zoom

Using Zoom to advise students is a new endeavor for most of us. The bottom line is that FERPA principles do not change. Read more FAQ and tips here.

Using Zoom

Zoom is an integral part of your remote working experience. Here you can find a getting started guide, best practice guide and more tips for using Zoom.