Start Here 102: Best Practices for Online Instruction


Instructors are invited to register for Start Here: Best Practices in Online Instruction, a workshop designed to help instructors deliver and facilitate quality online learning experiences for their students.

Instructors who complete both Start Here 101 and 102 will be considered certified to teach online for five years from the date of completion of Start Here 102.

This 100 percent online workshop will build upon the foundation built in Start Here 101. It will help faculty discover strategies to help deliver quality learning experiences for their students. This high enrollment online course is asynchronous and will be facilitated by instructional designers from the Office of eLearning.


2021 workshop dates:

Registration for the Start Here 102 Workshop has closed. Faculty who need to complete their certification for online teaching should sign up for the Online Teaching Certification Seminar.


Who can participate?

The Start Here: Best Practices in Online Instruction workshop is intended for faculty who have the responsibility to teach online for the University of Missouri System.

Are there prerequisites?

Participants should complete Start Here 101 prior to enrolling. Participants should also ensure they have access to their own separate Canvas course site as a teacher—preferably a course they are (or will be) teaching in a coming semester. They will have the opportunity to apply principles from the workshop to this course as part of the coursework.

What will we be doing during the workshop?

This 100 percent online course is asynchronous with a weekly schedule. The course will be facilitated by instructional designers from the Office of eLearning with opportunities for peer interaction throughout.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Reflect on your readiness to teach online.
  2. Develop a plan for establishing and maintaining instructor presence in your online learning environment.
  3. Select appropriate active learning strategies you could use to engage learners in a particular instructional context.
  4. Describe effective facilitation strategies that you could apply to your instructional context.
  5. Identify strategies to build an inclusive online learning community.
  6. Use appropriate learning theories to inform your decision-making and teaching practices related to online learning.
  7. Develop an assessment plan that includes authentic assessments and feedback strategies.

What’s the schedule and format? 

  • Fully online, in Canvas
  • Asynchronous, with a weekly schedule
  • 4 weeks, with multiple start dates

Topics will be:

  • Module 0: Getting Started
  • Module 1: Interplay of Online Course Design & Facilitation
  • Module 2: Instructor Presence
  • Module 3: Authentic Assessments and Feedback
  • Module 4: Facilitation Strategies and Diverse Learning Community
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