Online Teaching Recertification Seminar


Quality in instruction and course design is at the foundation of the work we do at the four University of Missouri (UM) System universities. All instructors who teach online courses should be online-teaching certified. The standard path for earning online-teaching certification is through completion of the Online Teaching Certification Seminar (OTCS) provided by the UM System Office of eLearning. When an instructor has earned online-teaching certification [through an approved avenue], they are certified for 5 years from the date of their certification. Recertification is required before the current certification period lapses. 

Before enrolling in the Online Teaching Recertification Seminar (OTRS), faculty should ensure that they have been certified already or that they have completed the appropriate pre-requisites (see flowchart). 

OTRS is not considered a replacement for the Online Teaching Certification Seminar.

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Workshop dates:

Session 1: February 8 - March 1
Session 2: March 8 - April 5
Session 3: April 5 - April 26
Session 4: June 7 - June 28
Session 5: June 21 - July 12
Session 6: July 19 - August 9


The Online Teaching Recertification Seminar will build upon skills developed within the 6-week Online Teaching Certification Seminar. This professional development opportunity is asynchronous, and will be facilitated by instructional designers from the Office of eLearning. 

Who can participate?

The Online Teaching Recertification Seminar is intended for faculty who have the responsibility to teach online for the University of Missouri System.

What’s the schedule, format and duration? 

  • Fully online, in Canvas
  • Asynchronous, with a weekly schedule
  • 3 weeks, with multiple start dates
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