Canvas Commons allows you to find, import and share learning resources with other educators. When you share material through Commons, you can choose to make it available to:

  1. Only yourself
  2. All Canvas users at an institution, or
  3. Canvas users worldwide.

In Commons, you also can find templates to import into your own course. Templates are a quick way to get started building a course in Canvas and can provide a consistent learning experience for students if used in multiple courses across a program.

You can search for and import one of the following templates to help you get started:

  • MU Quick Start Course Template
  • UMKC Quick Start Course Template
  • Keep Teaching at UMSL—Canvas Template for Pivoting to Online Instruction

Each of these templates includes common elements for an introductory module and a framework for additional content modules including sample discussion boards and assignments. Once imported to your course, you can edit the various items to suit the needs of your course.

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