Start Here 101: Online Course Design Basics

This is a new online course for UM System faculty/instructors teaching online in Summer or Fall 2020, and beyond. In this workshop you will create an online course. The 4-week course is 100% online and will be held in Canvas. 

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Workshop Dates:

  • September 14 - October 12

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Who can participate?

Start Here: Online Course Design Basics Workshop course is intended for faculty/instructors who have the responsibility to design a course for delivery online in Summer or Fall 2020 semesters or thereafter.

What will we be doing during the program? 

This high enrollment online course is asynchronous, and largely self-paced within each week. Some parts of it will be lightly facilitated by instructional designers from the Office of eLearning and there will be opportunities for peer interaction throughout. Participants must come to the workshop with a course already identified for designing in an online format.

The course materials will lead you through the fundamentals and basic work involved with designing a functional online course, and you will be applying those concepts each week into your own course. 

As you engage in this course, you will:

  1. Explain how learning goals impact course structure
  2. Define the goals for your course
  3. Make a plan how you will connect with your learners
  4. Connect your assessments to your course vision
  5. Create course materials that are accessible and inclusive

What’s the schedule and format? 

  • Fully online, in Canvas
  • 4 weeks, offered in multiple start dates
  • Largely self-paced

Topics will be:

  • Week 1 – Goals
  • Week 2 – Methods
  • Week 3 – Materials
  • Week 4 – Assessments
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