Designing & Building Your Online Course Workshop.


Faculty/instructors are invited to register for the Designing and Building Your Online Course workshop. In this workshop, you will design and build an online course. This workshop is 100% online and is held in Canvas.

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Who can participate?

The Designing and Building Your Online Course workshop is intended for faculty/instructors who have the responsibility to design and build a course for online delivery in Spring 2021 or thereafter.

What is the schedule and format?

  • Fully online in Canvas
  • 10 weeks facilitated by instructional designers; some modules span 2 weeks
Designing & Building Your Online Course Workshop time commitment: 10 weeks.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to participate in this workshop.

What will we be doing during the workshop?

This 100% online course is asynchronous with a schedule for readings and activities. The course will be facilitated by instructional designers from the Office of eLearning with opportunities for peer interaction throughout.

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Design a learner-centered course that aligns instructional material, learning activities, and assessments with stated learning objectives.
  2. Write measurable learning objectives that specify the skill or knowledge concepts you want students to gain.
  3. Curate or create assessments that actively engage students in the learning process.
  4. Select appropriate educational technology tools based on your learning objectives and activity/assessment.
  5. Develop accessible course materials and assessments.
  6. Organize your course to intentionally guide your learners in successfully meeting the learning objectives.
  7. Develop an inclusive syllabus tailored to your student demographic.

Topics will be

  • Module 0: Getting Started
  • Module 1: Laying the Foundations for Course Design
  • Module 2: Course Vision and Objectives
  • Module 3: Assessments and Rubrics
  • Module 4: Content Curation and Learning Activities
  • Module 5: Course Organization and Instructor Presence
  • Module 6: Syllabus and Course Introduction
  • Module 7: Course Development Time


Online Teaching Certification

Faculty/instructors are invited to register for a 6-week seminar that is designed to help deliver quality learning experiences for their students.

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