Since hybrid learning can look vastly different from the traditional face-to-face classroom that many learners are accustomed to, it is important to provide some additional information to prepare them for this model of learning. While this preparation can take many forms, the ideas below serve as a starting point as you plan your hybrid course(s):

Include your contact information and virtual office hours in your syllabus. Let your learners know your preferred method of contact (e.g., phone, email, etc.) and when they can anticipate receiving a response from you (e.g., within 24 hours).

Provide a clear attendance policy that details how learners are expected to participate and meaningfully engage in class, regardless of the class format.

Post a welcome announcement in Canvas that not only welcomes learners to the course but also informs them of how the course will be structured, how to contact the instructor and how to seek assistance for both student services and technical support. If social distancing is a requirement, you should also inform learners how they will be expected to comply with the requirement.

Explain the benefits of hybrid learning. This might be done in the welcome announcement, an introductory video, or a page in the Canvas course site.

Indicate the required and/or recommended hardware and software necessary for the course. This may include webcams, microphones, specific internet browsers, current word processing software, etc.

Include an orientation to the basic set of technology and tools for online learning. This may be a link to the University’s technical support services and support articles, a page in Canvas providing instructions, or an overview video of the various technologies and online learning tools you plan to use in the course.

Provide a clear schedule for the online and face-to-face activities. Denote which activities or assessments are completed online and which are completed face-to-face. Let learners know you will provide them with an updated schedule should plans change.

Inform learners of the assessments and activities they are expected to complete, the grading scheme used, the types of feedback you plan to provide them, and your feedback turnaround time.

Include an “Ask the instructor” or “Course Q & A” discussion board in the Canvas course site where students may post questions about the course. Using this method can save you some time in answering the same questions multiple times.

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