The following items may be used to help you plan your hybrid course. As you plan, consider matters of equity for your students. For example, learners may not have reliable internet or devices with working webcams/microphones; their living situation may be less than ideal; they may be caregivers to children or elderly parents, etc.

As a result, consider how to adapt “participation/engagement” requirements for individuals who cannot attend synchronous sessions (i.e., their internet connection drops). For instance, you might record synchronous sessions and ask those who could not attend to view the recording and respond to a related prompt as a means of participating and engaging with the learning experience.

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Plan alternative assessments in lieu of proctored exams where possible in an effort to develop equitable assessment opportunities for all learners.

Canvas course modules listed as "before class," "in class," and "after class" with assignments listed under each corresponding header

Credit info: the Screenshot is taken from ELPA 8419, Structures and Processes of Effective Schools, taught by Dr. Se Woong Lee.

Online Teaching Certification

Faculty/instructors are invited to register for a seminar that is designed to help deliver quality learning experiences for their students. Multiple dates are available!

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Online Course Workshop

This is a 4-week, 100% online workshop for UM System faculty/instructors teaching online in Fall 2020. In this workshop, you will create an online course.

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