When planning learning activities and assessments for a hybrid course, you will find the process is equivalent with translating a face-to-face course online. All the learning activities and assessments should work toward your course learning objectives. Assessments provide evidence that your learners have mastered the key knowledge and skills of the course. Learning activities create engaging and motivating learning experiences for your learners.

Since a hybrid course happens in two learning environments (synchronous online/face-to-face and asynchronous online), you can plan activities that benefit from the strengths of each learning environment. Some activity examples below may work better in one environment versus another; several may adapt to both environments.

Synchronous or Face-to-Face

Considering the benefits of two learning environments, plan learning activities that promote active and authentic learning during the synchronous online or face-to-face sessions:

  • Brainstorming and idea generation 
  • Capturing students’ misconception and first impression, while providing immediate instructor and peer feedback
  • Activities and assessments that require students’ nonverbal communication
  • Role playing
  • Simulation
  • Live debate and discussion

Note: Prepare your learners before coming to the synchronous online or face-to-face sessions. Provide them instructions and guidance on how to use the preliminary online instructional materials (e.g., lecture videos, online readings, etc.) for the learning activities.


Planning asynchronous online learning activities and assessment that promote reflective learning, critical thinking, collaborative and metacognitive skills. Learning activity and assessment recommendations:

  • Reflective practice such as journaling and reflective writing
  • Discussion opportunities, especially for larger classes
  • Self-assessment or self-check practice
  • Low-stake quizzes with feedback
  • Critical analysis
  • Group projects or activities for sustaining group cohesion

Note: Intentionally focus your planning on the integration of the synchronous online/face-to-to face and asynchronous online learning environments. The two environments should support each other and help students learn what you intend.

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