The instructor places recorded lectures, lab demonstrations, individualized learning activities, and other course materials online. Learners attend face-to-face labs for hands-on learning at individual or small-group stations in the lab setting.

Resilient Teaching Practices

Prepare pre-class materials, including recorded lectures and other course materials (e.g., readings, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.) in logically organized modules within Canvas. Any materials learners need to complete prior to attending the face-to-face session should be provided in Canvas. Consider classroom logistics and personal protective equipment that may need to be provided (e.g., gloves if students are required to manipulate objects or instruments) to ensure proper social distancing for learners during the planned face-to-face labs.

  • Lecture and other learning materials are available to learners 24/7.
  • Learners can have access to learning anytime.
  • Learners are able to actively engage in hands-on learning in the lab setting.
  • Learners also have the opportunity to ask questions of their instructor that stem from their out-of-class learning activities.  

  • Substantial consideration must be given to social distancing and disinfecting lab surfaces and equipment.
  • Proper PPE must be provided and disinfected if used by multiple sections (e.g., lab aprons, goggles, etc.)
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