For face-to-face or online work, the Office of Elearning recommends that all work be created in Canvas and turned in on Canvas to help maintain consistency and manage the assignment.

You will want to:

Online Group Work
  • You want to provide materials to help students plan for communicating and working together to meet deadlines. We recommend a group contract. Here is an example, but you are welcome to edit the contract to meet your needs. We recommend that you assign points to this assignment to ensure its completion.
  • You also need to think about self and peer reviews of the groups performance for each major task you ask them to perform. These are very important because it allows you to have information if you need to check in or step in.
    • We recommend that you assign points to this assignment to ensure its completion. To make grading easy we recommend that you make these assignments a complete or incomplete assignment grade.

Face-to-face Group Work
  • Think through classroom arrangement to ensure proper social distancing. Also, consider the materials you normally provide to learners to collaborate (e.g., dry erase boards and markers, handouts, etc.) and provide alternative means of collaboration.
  • Think through how to incorporate learners who may be online into the f2f groups (e.g. use of Zoom). You must provide equivalent learning experiences to online learners.
Workshops & seminars

Faculty/instructors are invited to register for a workshop or seminar that is designed to help deliver quality learning experiences.

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