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What does it do?

Google Assignments brings a set of tools bridging Canvas with Google. The Google Assignment tool in Canvas consists of two tools to help an instructor with their assignments.

The first tool is Google Assignments. Assignments lets you use the Google suite of Apps—Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.—to build an assignment where students can submit their work, have it reviewed and graded, all within Google Assignments.

The second tool is Google Drive. Google documents or files stored in drive can be embedded into Canvas via its rich content editor. This allows instructors and students to share their work— just make sure to share with the “Anyone with the Link” from Google.

Google Docs Icon


Google Slides


Google Sheets


Google Drive


Note: You must use your UM System account for school work or work involving the university—Mizzou, UMKC, UMSL and S&T. In Chrome or other browsers, you can see the status of what account you are logged in as, most browsers display this in the upper corner. You can either log out of your personal account and log in with your UM System account or you can create a profile to make sure you are using the appropriate account. Visit the Share Chrome with Others article for more information.

Using Google Assignments

Simply start by making an assignment in Canvas. In Canvas, go to Assignments then Assignments. Fill in the usual boxes, Assignment Name and Instructions, Points, Assignment Group, Display Grade as, etc. For Submission Type choose the drop-down External Tool and then under External Tool Options in the box under Enter or find an External Tool URL type in Google Assignments and click Find.

Configure External Tool window

Click on the Google Assignments tool. If this is your first time using Google Assignments, you will be prompted to login into your Google account. Use your UM System ID and password here to authenticate; if logged into a personal Google account, you are given the option to Switch Account. If you are logged into your personal account, click the Switch Account button and authenticate with your UM system account.

Once you click Continue, you are then taken into the Create a Google Assignment interface. Set the different options, and then click Create. You can set the Originality Checker to upload any needed files for your students, set points, due date and add a rubric. Detailed instructions can be found below through Google. When done, click Create.

Create a Google Assignment

After clicking Create, a window appears that states it is Saving Details and then returns you to the Configure External Tool. To finish the Google Assignment, you will need to click Select. Finish your assignment settings and then either Save or Save & Publish. You have now created an assignment using Google Assignments.

When using Google Assignments, Google creates an Assignments folder in your Google Drive. In this Assignments folder, you will notice subfolders for each class in which you use Assignments. The same is true for your students. Do not alter this folder.

Using Google Drive

If you don’t need the functionality of Google Assignments but want to embed content into your assignments or other places in your class via the Rich Text Editor, you can use the Google Drive tool. If you are using the original Canvas Rich Text Editor, look for a downward facing V on the toolbar. Clicking that, you will see a set of Tools listed, including Google Drive.

Tools listed in Canvas under Google Drive

Should you be using the newer content editor, click the electric plug at the end of the toolbar.

Click electric plug on right side of toolbar

Then search for Google Drive.

Search query for Google Drive

You will need to authenticate with your UM System account and password. Once authenticated, you are presented with a menu where you can choose the file to embed or attach. You are given the option to embed files or attach them via a link. Choose the appropriate method, and your file will be added from Google Drive.

Documentation to get started

Google is constantly updating its Apps and its documentation. Here are some links to get you started. We can also help you if you need further assistance.




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Grading / Assessing


Website to be retired

The Keep Learning website will be retired on January 31, 2022. Please update all of your bookmarks and links to point to our new website,

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