Online lecture tools

There are a few different ways you can provide face-to-face lectures in an online environment quickly and effectively.

Using Zoom

Zoom is a video-conferencing tool that allows you to host meetings (think lectures, classroom discussions, etc.) with multiple people. At the University of Missouri, instructors can host up to 300 students in one Zoom room at a time. The participants can ask questions, use a chat/message tool and can also share their screen with the rest of the Zoom room participants. Likewise, the instructor (or meeting host) can share their screen and can even do polls in the Zoom room.

 Pro tip: If you are an instructor currently using iClicker (the University-sponsored student response system), you can continue using iClicker while teaching remotely—in Zoom—so long as you turn off the geolocation fence (if you have that feature enabled).

Note: Remember that not all students have a computer or a webcam at home. We recommend that you choose to deliver your course asynchronously in Canvas rather than teaching in Zoom only. Many students do not own computers, have the internet at home, or have webcams that might be needed in a Zoom call. Students most likely have smartphones or access to a computer/internet but perhaps not at the time of the scheduled Zoom call. Placing materials such as readings and lectures online and activities (discussions and assignments) in Canvas minimizes the stress on students. Zoom is an excellent tool that can complement instruction in Canvas.

For more information on using Zoom, please check out this documentation

Using Panopto

Panopto is a lecture capture and presentation recording tool that is integrated in Canvas. It can be used to capture classroom lectures, or you can use it to record a lecture for students to view independently. Panopto can be used to share slides, documents and other multimedia. Instructors and students access Panopto through the course navigation button or links that are within a Canvas site for their course.

For more information on using Panopto, please check out this documentation.

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